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IDEA-FAST Technology Experience Questionnaire

IDEA-FAST study participants can use this form to provide structured feedback on their experience (acceptability, usability, ergonomics, accessibility, etc.) with candidate technologies.

This questionnaire MAY ONLY be used after the initial informed-consent procedure for participating in the IDEA-FAST study has been completed by the participant!

During the feasibility study, as a participant, you will be asked to use different technologies that include both applications (e.g. smartphone apps) and sensing devices (both stationary and wearable devices). After completing a technology use period, we kindly ask you to complete this questionnaire to report on your experience with using each specific technology (app or device).

The questions below will ask you in different ways about your experience with the devices and/or applications you have used. When the word "technology" is used, this can mean either a device or an application depending on what you are currently reporting on.

Please make sure that you understand each question item. However, we encourage swift responses and "following your gut-feeling" as opposed to pondering too long about responses to any particular questions.

Please also make sure not to include any details about any medical afflictions you may have and do not name any specific people or places (by name) in any of the free text-field responses.

Version 1.4 (for use with participants of the IDEA-FAST feasibility study).

There are 19 questions in this survey.